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About Us


Grammers Story

Established more than 100 years ago, Grammer started out as a small saddler shop in Amberg, run by Willibald Grammer. Due to the rising popularity of mechanical vehicles, the company soon started creating parts for commercial and automotive vehicles, until it became one of the key players in today's market.


Company Values

As a global company, Grammer focuses solely on customer satisfaction. The company is geared towards looking into the welfare of their employees and shareholders. Due to this, Grammer is geared towards providing high-quality brands that establish safe work environments for employees and partners. Grammer believes that success comes from balancing goals and values.


Corporate Responsibility

Grammer remains corporately responsible to all clients, partners, and employees. Due to this responsibility, Grammer has been in partnership with large retail industries throughout 17 countries.

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